People are talking and we are not even dating

But until then, you would prefer not to talk about it. But there's a time and place when that information is revealed. The other thing you brought up is the issue of deleting profiles...after a phone call????? I'm just so annoyed right now :(I am talking to 1 other man. I just don't understand why people ask me this question.Honestly I don't care to know how many dates you went on last week if you are not my boyfriend.In an earlier post, I wrote about the growing trend toward ambiguity in romantic relationships.I want to follow-up here (and in my next post) on why people avoid “the talk," also referred to as Defining the Relationship (DTR).I’m still casually dating others, but I really enjoy the time I spent with him the most (and hope that he’s starting to feel the same way).Not a lot to describe here, since it’s still in the beginning stages, but the chemistry I feel with him is great and I could definitely see him in my future.

On the way to work, in the line at Starbucks, out for drinks with friends on Friday night, we're having the conversations.The process, when it advances the relationship, seems somewhat like crossing the border between one country and another, when you have to produce documents about who you are and where you are headed.Indeed, for many couples, the talk will determine "customs" moving forward.The onus can be on cyberspace for bringing this loser to your inbox and not your own judgement.Still, most days I'd bet on the good judgment of matching algorithms and data scientists behind the scenes of a dating site over a great deal of my friends at the bar.

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