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People walking at me or into me, some make snide comments about my ankle injury being “because she’s so fat”, an old woman on the bus asking me if I fell because I’m fat and then saying, “Well with your size I bet you went down hard.” (FYI, I fell because a patch of footpath was old and lumpy.) Or people kvetching because I’m so slow on stairs when I can’t avoid them altogether.You try walking up or down stairs in a huge boot when your ankle doesn’t bend.

So if you read my previous post, you’d know that almost two months ago I had a rather spectacular fall (total dignity stripper) and did myself some considerable injury, including a fractured ankle, which has me in a moon boot. He's not going to win his league or the national championship. I'll say that, and he'll end up winning the game for them on Nov. But he hasn't done anything since his freshman year."-- Former Ohio State quarterback and current ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit on his Columbus radio show on Oct. Fullerton put together some great full color stylized maps with illustrations of lots of the characters and creatures from the books.It’s too bad he isn’t able to sell these because they would look even better on my wall than the last map I posted. Once again, thanks to io9 for bringing these to my attention. As a kid I used to love to drag out my dad’s Rand Mc Nally road atlas and study it before any big trips.

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