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Building lasting relationships with valued four- and two-legged clients since 2000, our team maintains an updated, hygienic facility with a sparkling safety record.Customers around Metro Detroit trust us with their furry family members because we’re trained in animal behavior, passionate about our job, and serious about service. I can leave them for a weekend or a week with no worries!At the time, the Elephant graveyard was home to thousands of hyenas, and three of them, Banzai, Shenzi, and Ed, were expecting the cubs.By now, Zazu had caught up with the kids, and the hyenas decided to send him off via a steam vent.Many nestling birds are fed as frequently as every 10 to 15 minutes during the day.

Yes, the river these days looks nearly post-apocalyptic.It pains me to say it aloud, but there’s no denying the fact that as another amazing summer draws to an end, it’s time to embrace the splendour of autumn in all of it’s glory.The cool, crisp mornings are an opportunity to pause and appreciate the techni-colour palette of leaves, witness the miracle of bird migration southward or even harvest the bounty of Mother Nature what with the plethora of wild mushrooms and abundance of wild salmon!?Parent passerines bring food to their young during this time and will do what they can to protect their young from harm.A fledgling bird may appear to be unable to fly, but these birds truly do not need to be “rescued.” If you watch the bird for a while, you may see its parent come feed it and hear as it calls for its next meal.

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