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(Tip: visitors can go by boat as a foot passenger or fly into Kirkwall, the main town from Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Inverness but public transport doesn’t run often up here and if on a short amount of time, then walking from A to B will take a while).

which lays on the southern shores of the Bay o’Skaill.

She is very conscientious and seems to be an excellent teacher. We all talked and sewed or knitted until half-past eight when we adjourned to the Dining Room for supper. (At Bea the "cakes" are always very plain - so plain that one doesn't recognise them for what they are intended to be!

)We are having glorious weather still, much better, I suppose, than you are 'enjoying' at home, and at the weekend I am able to get out and see the country.

You've been in so many diversely cast films that people have named a connect-the-actor game after you! Do you just walk down the streets constantly high-fiving everyone?

To celebrate your big day Orcadian style, let us try and connect you to actor associated with Orkney, Robert Shaw!

suggests that a public library already existed in Kirkwall.

However, we are satisfied to date our inception from this year. James Wallace, Minister of Kirkwall, kept the library at his home for a while before transferring the tomes to St Magnus Cathedral, which were moved again to the new Tolbooth in 1740.

In the distance I could see the famous standing Stones, silent witnesses of bygone days, in a place as quiet and unfrequented as it ever was.She is new to Orkney, having moved from Bramley in West Yorkshire, so she often describes the differences she observes and the new experiences she has.The journal is a mixture of diary entries and extracts of letters to her family.Properties on Castle Street, West Castle Street, Palace Road, King Street and various properties on Broad Street were considered but all rejected.One scheme proposed a widening of the Broad Street entrance to Victoria Street so that the new building could open onto both roads.

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I managed to check out the islands while doing a road trip around Scotland and I would have to say, the Orkney Islands excited me and I came away full of knowledge I didn’t have.

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